Application field of copper clad steel stranded wire
- Jul 27, 2017 -

Copper clad steel stranded wire is made of a single strand of copper clad steel with a certain number of roots, widely used in high-frequency coaxial cable, steel collaterals communications, electrified railways, Subway light rail, railways, airports, network communications and other places of lightning grounding, anti-static grounding, protection of grounding, power and petrochemical system grounding line. 

Military coated conductors; power industrial grounding rods; braided shielded lines of power cables; connector of various electronic components; strengthening conductive wire cores of special cables; overhead lines for power transmission and telephone lines; conductors of parallel dual-core telephone subscriber lines, electrified railways, rail transit lines, and sliding contact lines; Cable TV subscriber line and incoming line coaxial cable inner conductor materials; computer local area network, access network cable, field cable inner conductor material