Characteristics advantage of copper clad steel
- Jul 27, 2017 -

1, manufacturing process unique: the use of the domestic first electroforming production process, the realization of copper and steel between the molecular combination. Can pull out like a single metal pulling, do not appear disjointed, peeling, cracking phenomenon.

 2, excellent anti-corrosion characteristics: Composite interface using molecular binding, no residue, the bonding surface will not appear corrosion, corrosion-resistant, long service life (greater than 30), to reduce the labor intensity. 

3, Better electrical performance: the surface of copper material excellent electrical conductivity, so that its own resistance value far lower than conventional materials. 

4. Wide applicability: This product is suitable for grounding construction under different soil humidity, temperature, ph value and resistivity change condition. 

5, the connection is safe and reliable: the use of special-purpose connection or the use of hot-melt welding, strong joints, good stability. 

6, easy to install: Accessories complete, easy to install, can effectively improve the construction speed. 

7, improve the grounding depth: Special connection transmission mode, can be deep underground 35 meters to meet the special occasions low resistance requirements. 

8, low construction cost: Compared with the traditional use of pure copper grounding rods, access to the construction of the way, the cost of a significant decline.