Characteristics of zinc-clad steel products
- Jul 27, 2017 -

Product advantages

 1, zinc clad steel composite grounding electrode with low carbon steel as steel core, with steel strength and thermal stability, to ensure the grounding discharge function. 

 2, zinc as cladding metal, its conductive properties are 2.5 times times the steel, conductive more excellent.

 3, zinc as cladding metal, with strong corrosion resistance, greatly prolong the service life.

 4, due to a certain thickness of the zinc layer, can be used as sacrificial anode, protect the ground network, underground metal structures and related steel equipment.

Characteristics of compound zinc clad steel

1, manufacturing process unique: Through the special continuous casting hot dip zinc process will be pure zinc ($number zinc) cast to low carbon steel on the formation of bimetal composite conductor.

2, anti-corrosion characteristics more excellent: corrosion resistance strong, the use of life up to 50 years. Zinc-clad steel using the most advanced technology, residues will not remain in the zinc steel bar body, the surface of the bar has been anti-corrosion treatment, thus overcoming the traditional flat steel, round-wire grounding corrosion caused by short service life.

3, Better electrical performance: the surface is $number pure zinc, zinc layer thickness, zinc layer will not be destroyed, good conductivity, electrical performance is stable.

4, Construction convenience: Zinc Coated steel grounding electrode selection of large section of low carbon steel, to ensure that the product's mechanical strength, thermal stability and conductivity.

5, due to thick enough zinc layer, the cathodic protection of equipment has a positive role, one-time solution to cathodic protection and grounding two problems, thus greatly reducing the cost of the project.