Connection of copper clad steel
- Jul 27, 2017 -

First of all, according to the design drawings installed copper Baotou steel grounding pole, the distance between the grounding pole of copper clad steel should be in strict accordance with the requirements of equipment, into the underground The copper clad steel grounding pole tail to generally high, can not be too much, and then along the copper clad steel grounding pole laying copper clad steel stranded wire, all preparations for the completion of the copper clad steel and copper clad steel stranded wire link. The next step is to prepare for the connection, first of all to be ready to heat welding mold, welding powder, ignition gun, cleaning brush, and other utensils, ready to clean the copper clad steel stranded wire and copper clad steel on the ground electrode. The use of high-temperature heat transfer welding, welding powder using Botou Jinhao Lightning Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.


Production of high purity exothermic welding powder, high purity exothermic welding powder without residue, there will be no corrosive phenomenon. The surface copper layer is thicker (the average thickness is greater than 0.3mm) has strong corrosion resistance, long service life (greater than 30), maintenance-free.