Main categories of copper clad steel
- Jul 27, 2017 -

Depending on the purpose of the application, copper clad steel can be classified as:

1. Central conductor of communication cable 

2. Shielded braided line for communication cable 

3. Pin Line for electronic components 

4. Stranded wire grounding line and electrified railway line 

5. Other lines for decorative or anti-corrosion purposes Depending on the diameter, the copper clad steel can be divided roughly into: Coarse line (1.6 or above), large line (0.6-1.6), midline (0.2-0.6), micro-line (0.2 below) According to the strength of the different, at the same time refer to the extension of copper clad steel: Soft state A, semi hard state m, hard HS, super hard State EHS According to different functions, copper clad steel is divided into: Deep drawing Busbar, finished line, strand line On the basis of copper clad steel, different types of deep processing can still be carried out, including tinned, silver-plated, lacquer, wire, cable, nail making, or bright annealing.

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