Structure of copper-clad steel grounding rods
- Jul 27, 2017 -

Main Rod:

The grounding Rod chooses the high quality cold pulls the element steel, uses the special equipment to cast the red copper (the thickness is 0.3~0.5MM, copper content 99.9%) to ensure its excellent electrical conductivity and mechanical strength, the product has excellent anti-corrosion performance. 

Connecting pipe: 

The rods and rods can be connected by a copper connection, with the best anti-corrosion effect. The rods are closely connected to the rods, and the driving force directly acts on the grounding rods when the grounding rods are drilled into the ground or driven into the ground. Divided into threaded and non threaded connections. Drive head: Made of high-strength alloy steel, can ensure the driving force smoothly into the ground. Alloy tip: To ensure the underground under complex geological conditions.