Zinc Clad steel application field
- Jul 27, 2017 -

With the combination of current international and domestic forms, with the construction of petrochemical and urban power infrastructure projects, grounding devices play an important role in the safety protection of any equipment, and their reliability has been paid more and more attention.

Using ordinary angle steel, galvanized flat steel or building foundation steel as grounding body, the reliability of grounding device is affected by the reason of poor corrosion resistance. Grounding resistance with the corrosion of the earth is increasing, stability is poor, the service life is short (generally a few years time), each year also needs to detect and maintain, heavy workload, follow-up construction and maintenance costs are high. In petrochemical, urban power facilities, some power plants, grounding areas have steel equipment, if the selection of copper grounding material will occur galvanic corrosion, the other steel structures buried corrosion damage.

Cathodic protection and grounding have been used abroad and the use of zinc-clad composite materials for grounding and lightning-proof conductor, because of the protection of zinc layer, can effectively prevent the grounding electrode corrosion, thus increasing the grounding pole of the service life, but also to solve the pipeline and other steel equipment cathodic protection problems. The grounding and cathodic protection are the same, which greatly reduces the cost of construction, and is more economical and useful than the Earthing and cathodic protection.

Thus, zinc clad composite conductor can be widely used in grounding, cathodic protection common existence and soil corrosion of strong occasions, can also be used as buried other steel structures grounding materials.