Copper Clad Steel Makes Different Methods
- Jul 27, 2017 -

According to the different methods of copper wrapped to steel wire, it is mainly divided into electroplating, cladding, Jes/immersion and electroforming.

At present, the copper clad steel in the market is basically used electroplating process, that is, the electrolytic cell working principle of electroplating process will block copper "dissolved" and then guided by electric current to cover the wire. The cladding is wrapped in copper wire, argon arc welding is used at the interface of the package; Jes/immersion is the melting of copper into a liquid, steel wire through the copper liquid and then cooled and solidified; Electroforming is a special application of electroplating, and the reduction and aggregation of copper in the yin-mold is rare.

According to the data analysis, copper clad steel originated from the American company Copperweld (Kopwei), the internet can also Google to Copperplus, Copperhead and other similar U.S. companies have copper clad steel products, but Copperweld moved to China, and from some high-end users to learn that the U.S. Copperweld has survived difficult, sell to Fushi is also a good thing. The old enterprise South Korea iljin The copper clad steel project to sell the customer Samatron, began to concentrate on the fiber optic cable products, and Ilkwang still in Gao La difficult forward. Brazil's Coppersteel can not meet the needs of the local, with the world's developed countries of pollution industry to China, the production plant transfer, in Zhejiang Deqing, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, the germination of a large number of copper clad steel manufacturers. Together with the coating process, now in China, copper clad steel production base in the Yangtze River delta area.

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