Detection Of Copper Clad Steel Stranded Wire
- Jul 27, 2017 -

In order to prevent the copper clad steel stranded wire from lightning to produce overvoltage, the power supply continues to push a large current into the short-circuit point, forming high fever and fire.


This type of accident can usually be avoided by a hot melt contact in series with a varistor. The hot melt contact shall be thermally coupled with the resistor, and will not disconnect when the maximum impact current flows through, but is disconnected when the temperature exceeds the upper operating temperature of the resistor. The results show that if the pressure-sensitive resistor has a manufacturing defect, it is prone to early failure, and the effect of the electric shocks with little strength will accelerate the aging process, which can cause the aging failure to occur early.

Like the copper-clad steel stranded wire and the selenium-light battery, the avalanche diode has very limited ability to handle the surge. Insulation level of various equipment should be able to meet the voltage of the insulation requirements of the equipment, in the equipment ordering and factory test should be strictly, when the surge is very large, in accordance with the requirements of the regulations to ensure that the equipment insulation pressure level, the building itself's lightning protection performance directly affect the internal electrical equipment Lightning Protection, so first of all must pay attention to the building body of lightning protection. In case of lightning breakdown. The Lightning protection device of the building itself is the first barrier to the electrical equipment and system lightning protection in the building, only the varistor really plays a role.