Electroplating Process
- Jul 27, 2017 -

Tin and tin alloy electroplating deposition is due to the presence of metal ions dissolved in the cathode as a result of the connected surface of the coating on the discharge. Because of the chemical and electroplating deposition process parameters of tin bath, the discharge metal ions are embedded into the crystalline granules, and as the surface layer continues to grow, according to its appearance structure (glossiness, roughness) and surface characteristics. 

The basic material contact layer does not produce the intermetallic phase during deposition. The type and thickness depend on the embedded electrolyte, current density and dwell time. More detailed reference specification en 133018. Through the selection of subsequent heat treatment, known as the reflow process (reflux process), the tin layer is melted. As the internal stress is decomposed on the surface, the contact layer of the carrier material produces a intermetallic phase from the tin and copper.