Installation Height Of Copper Clad Steel Stranded Wire
- Jul 27, 2017 -

Copper clad steel stranded wire without proper line attenuation, because of its sharp, that is, the capacitor's bipolar destroyer to the area is very small, the capacitance is very small, that is to say it can hold very little charge. And it gathers most of the charge. Therefore, when the cloud is more charged, the air between the lightning rod and the cloud is easily penetrated into a conductor. In this way, charged clouds and lightning rods form a pathway, and the lightning rod is grounded. A lightning rod can be used to import the charge from the clouds into the earth, making it dangerous to high-rise buildings.

The protection grade of copper clad steel stranded wire does not match, must surpass the tallest point of the House, general arrangement is around the roof with a circle of steel bars, such as only a 20kV as the line lightning protection, the Four corners of a 1 to 2 meters of steel, in no one side with steel to the ground, in the grounding position welding block a square meter of the iron plate. The Lightning wave invades over 60kV, and the result is that the lightning protection device is smashed and buried underground. It must be safe. The lightning rod gathers most of the charge. The lightning rod also forms a capacitor with these charged clouds, which cannot play a practical role in protecting against lightning. Guaranteed its safety.