Technology Of Copper Clad Steel
- Jul 27, 2017 -

From the adoption of the process, these companies are different, but all in imitation to seek improvement

In the SANLA aspect, the old enterprise uses the old craft means, does not have the on-line cleaning high efficiency SANLA equipment, in the electroplating aspect many is uses the traditional craft, namely cyanide pre-plating and the copper sulfate/sulfuric acid main plating, there are also companies using nickel sulfate/sulfuric acid pre-plating such as Changzhou Gold, the main plating also has a company to use fluorine boric acid copper/fluorine boric acid process such as zhangjiagang friendship, hundred Sichuan try to develop cyanide-free alkaline plating process to get rid of cyanide pollution and policy control issues.


In terms of cladding, Dalian Fu and Popular Science Granville has already become a part of, Dalian Tong FA is a veteran coating technology, in Changzhou also appeared Hengtong, British, Minghao and other enterprises using cladding method to manufacture copper clad steel, but most have been converted to copper clad aluminum, copper clad aluminum-magnesium alloy wire production.