The Measures Of Copper Clad Steel Stranded Wire
- Jul 27, 2017 -

In order to prevent electromagnetic induction, the camera power cord and signal line along the telephone pole should be worn in the metal tube to achieve shielding effect, shielding metal tube Both ends should be grounded. 

In order to prevent the penetration of the front-end equipment along the road, the equipment should be installed in each line before the appropriate surge arresters, such as the power cord ($literal or 220V), video lines, signal lines and PTZ control line. The signal line transmits long distances, low pressure level, very easy to induce lightning current and damage equipment, in order to transmit the Thunder current from the signal transmission line into the ground, the signal over-voltage protector must respond quickly, in the design of signal transmission line protection should consider the actual situation, according to the signal transmission rate, signal level, Start voltage and lightning flux parameters, such as the selection of correct lightning protection equipment. 

Front-end equipment such as a camera should be placed in the connector (lightning rod or other flash conductor) effectively protected range. When the camera is set up, in principle, in order to prevent the lightning rod and the transient high potential on the line, the Lightning rod is best distance from the camera 3-4 meters. If have difficulty the lightning rod also may erect in the camera strut, the introduction line may use the metal rod itself or chooses φ8 galvanized steel bar directly.